Trinity Lutheran Church Council Minutes

November 14, 2023
6:00 Pastor Donnita’s

I. Call to Order/Attendance – Mike, Terri, Laurie, Janel, Kendra, and Elaine Meeting commenced at
II. Devotion – Matthew 28:19-20 Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in
the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey
everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
III. Administration
A. Approve Minutes – Approve minutes of last meeting. Terri motioned, Kendra seconded
to approve the October 10, 2023, minutes. Passed unanimously.
B. Treasurer’s Report – Approve the treasurer’s report for October. Janel motioned Terri
seconded to approve the report. Passed unanimously.
C. Pastor’s Report –
Education budget
Bible explorers: to reach students who do not attend Sunday School
To send packet once a month to 12 families (19 kids aged 3-5
th grade)
Includes Lesson Leaflet for each child 19 x $7 =$133 (13 lessons =1/ mo
Information page for families
Pastoral letter
Art material, Oriental Trading item or stickers to attract them to open packets 19 x
$5=$95/mo x 12= $1140
Envelopes $35/yr
Postage 12 x $5=$60/mo x 12 = $720/yr
Total $2028
Draw a name each month for a Bible story book
$15.00 book x 12 months =$180
$5 postage x 12 months =$60
Total- $240
-college mailing
4 mailings per year to 9 students = $25 postage

4 digital posters to print =$40
9 Starbucks gift cards ($5.00) = $45 x 4 mailings =$180
45 Manila envelopes $10
Total =$255
Sunday school @ UMC to continue?
Christmas $ for Andrea and Brenda? Janel made a motion to approve $2,000.00 to be
sent to Brenda for expenses. Per C12.05.c Terri seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Sunday schedule for December
3 Pastor Marcia Advent 1
10 Pastor Donnita
17 Pastor Marcia- no sermon; the Christmas story; communion
24 No morning worship; Candlelight Angels theme; Pastor Donnita
31- Synod worship if doesn’t buffer; lessons and carols
Imagine: The Movement – Laurie gave a brief rundown of the requirements
FYI Newsletter
Email 55
Mail 17
Narthex 5
95 copies for Charline to mail
Confirmation cards $4.69 each (2) =$9.38
Confirmation key rings $9.99 each (2)=$19.98
Clear glass rocks $7.98
Word $7
Teaching Confirmation class $50/mo? – Terri made a motion to approve Pastor Donnita
be paid $50 for each confirmation class. Laurie seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Since last council meeting
Sermon prep, sermon and Sundays
Adult Sunday School class

Plan 3 lessons and taught 1 Confirmation class
Education committee meeting
Plan stewardship worship and back page articles
Begin planning Christmas
New Christmas tree- sale

IV. Previous Business (compilation of issues from the past six months): We will come back to these
items, time permitting.
A. Committee Descriptions -Still to be developed and edited: Stewardship, Evangelism and
HR Committees
B. TLC asset sign out policy-Discussion continuation: Checkout list for Kitchen items needed.
Checkout list for tables/chairs on custodian closet. Any other updates?
C. LSI/Kelly Thomas building use agreement. Has one been received? Updates?
D. Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service 6 pm, November 19th
Further actions needed?
E. Call Committee updates – Any updates?
F. Synodically Training – Laurie, Charline, Deb are attending. Should be getting an email from
Bishop Current about expectations and guidelines.

V. New Business
A. First reading of Trinity’s 2024 budget
B. Spend down a bloated checking account balance. I have a couple ideas. Any agreed upon
action will require that a special congregational meeting be called. Please read Article
C12.05.c. of Trinity’s Constitution, Bylaws and Continuing Resolutions. Mission Support,
$18,554 needed for a school in Liberia. Harrison has raised $8,000. Mike would like
permission from us to go to the congregation for a donation of $9,000.
Laurie made a motion to allow Mike to take it to the congregation for a special meeting
Janel seconded the motion. Motion carried.
C. Update on vision/yoking process: Candidates are Sally Kruse, Susan Stephens, Mike or
Kim Pelzer, Pastor Marsha.
D. Lockbox question – We need to either get a safe or put the abstract in a file.
E. Online viewership and budgeting consequence
F. Authorization for Elaine to close the General Savings and Capital Improvement accounts,
transferring funds to General Checking.
G. Begin preparing for yearend reports and set the 2024 annual meeting date annual
meeting (options are February 18th or 25th). As a reminder to y’all, B and I are heading to
Florida January 4’ish and won’t be returning until mid-March. Therefore, I’d like to get as
much of the 2024 annual meeting agenda and reports completed before we leave. We
need a financial committee and nominating committee. Will be February 18th

. The delay

date would be the 25th

. Committee reports need to be turned in by January 15th

H. Other – Mike made a motion to allow the education committee to paint the angel wings on
fellowship hall. Laurie seconded the motion. Motion carried.

I. Starting in January funds to synod will be done electronically instead of by check. Elaine
will contact them.
J. Terri made a motion that we do a CD for 7 months at APY of 5.35% interest rate up to
$30,000 at Fidelity Bank. Janel seconded the motion. Motion Carried.
K. Mike would like to add to next month’s agenda discussion for gifts for Alicia and Caitlin.
L. Pastor Donnita suggested we talk to Deb Cook about the $20,000 memorial donation from
the Werling’s and putting into a budget called The Werling Memorial Outreach Fund.

VI. Closing Prayer – Pastor Donnita led us in prayer.
VII. Adjournment – Motion by Janel to adjourn the meeting; second made by Laurie. Motion
passed. 9:33

Next council meeting—December 12, 2023, 6:00 PM, Location: Pastor Donnita’s