Trinity Lutheran Church Minutes
January 18, 2024
7:00pm ZOOM
I. Call to Order/Attendance Mike, Terri, Laurie, Janel, Kristy, Kendra, and Elaine Meeting commenced at 7:13pm.
II.Devotion – Hebrews 13.8 Transition and Change
III. Administration
A.Approve Minutes – Approve minutes of last meeting. Laurie motioned, Janel seconded to approve the December 12, 2023, minutes. Passed unanimously.
B. Treasurer’s Report – Approve the treasurer’s report for December. Laurie motioned, Kendra seconded to approve the report. Passed unanimously.
C. Pastor’s Report
a. Pastor Donnita resigned as Interim Pastor on 12/27/23 due to declining health.
b. The Worship Committee is coordinating worship services. Pastor Marcia will continue leading worship twice a month through May. SAM will lead worship, when possible, on the            remaining Sundays.
c. Transition of Pastor’s current duties – see New Business
IV. Previous Business (compilation of issues from the past six months):
We will come back to these items, time permitting
A. Committee Descriptions-Terri will send copies to Mike.
B. TLC asset sign out policy-Terri will send copies to Mike.
C. First Friday Donuts Update – Laurie gave an update that there will be an application for a grant through Trinities Promise to help with the program. They will try to get a schedule so that if someone wants to volunteer to help hand out doughnuts they can.
D. Grace Committee Update -Janel
a. Update on when Kathy & Denise leaving committee – They are no longer on the Committee
b. Ideas for new Committee members/leads – We will put an announcement in the bulletin to see if we can get someone to volunteer.
E. Worship Committee Update- Kristy
a. Angel Wings Update
F. HR- Terri
a. Spoke to Caitlin regarding concerns with how yoking will impact her position
N. Memorial Committee – Laurie
•Update on $20,000 Werling Memorial Donation and setting parameters for its use
o Input from Deb Cook on how we want to use the funds
o Input from Kim (Werling) Beckica
o Possibility of creating a committee from Vision, Memorial and Evangelism Committees on how to best use funds
V. New Business:
A. Authorizing SAM Members – Kristy made a motion authorizing SAM members and to follow synod guidelines for compensation, second made by Mike. Motion Passed.
B. Financial Secretary update – Caitlin will help as a backup while Sally is gone.
C. Vision to Action Committee Update-The committee met with Pastor Kuckuck on January 7th to discuss the next steps and setting up meetings with other congregations about the           yoking process.
D. Annual Meeting Update-February 18th
a. Opening/Closing Prayer – SAMS will take care of
b. Committee reports still needed – Terri will check on and notify who needs to still report.
c. Notetaker – Kendra will if able.
d. Meeting Packets – Caitlin will be emailing the packets.
E. SAM Update – Laurie Brandenburg
a. Ordering SAM Materials needed.
b. Pay – Worship Service, Assistant for Worship – Motion was made in Section A.
F. Worship Plan Update – Laurie Brandenburg
a. Schedule through March – Ash Wednesday
b. Lenten Worship – Check with Family Resturant
c. Easter Worship (Possibly Pastor Marcia)– Combined Thursday & Good Friday Service
G. Pastor Donnita – Transition of duties while there is no interim pastor
a. Council Meetings – Opening Devotion & Closing Prayer – Kendra will do one for February.
b. Monthly article for Newsletter – Terri will work on a SAM article
c. Sermon Prep & Preaching:
i. SAM will cover the Sundays Pastor Marcia isn’t available
ii. Backup plan when Pastor Marcia and SAM aren’t available
d. Monthly meetings with Committee Chairs
i. Worship/Tech Committee
Monthly worship plan
Kim Pelzer, Elaine Moes, Judi Hein, Pastor Marcia,
SAMS: Laurie Brandenburg, Deb Cook, Charline Thumm
ii. Education Committee
Kristy Kruse, Sally Kruse, Beth Ahrens, Melissa Wadell, Kim Chapman
1.Sunday School Plan with Methodists
2. Confirmation Class Plan
a. Making Lesson Plans
b. Leading Confirmation Classes
c. Dates of Confirmation Classes
d. Location: Shalom Room
e. Email/text reminders to Confirmation students/leaders prior to each class
3. Monthly Book Giveaway
4. Monthly mailings to inactive children of Trinity
iii. Stewardship/Evangelism Committees
Kendra Von Muenster, Lynn Rechterman, Laurie Brandenburg, Janel Stephens
1. Outreach with Methodists
2. College Student Reach-out
e. Pastoral care visits/phone calls
i. Long Term ill
ii. Nursing Homes
f. Funerals/Weddings/Baptisms
H. Committee Updates
I. Other
VI. Closing Prayer
VII. Adjournment – Motion by Kendra to adjourn the meeting; second made by Janel. Motion passed. 9:22