The Bible Welcomes Aliens Club is a unique group led by Pastor J.

Have you noticed we’re in a time of immense change in the realm of science and technology? How do we speak to such scientific advancement faithfully? Where do we begin? BWAC not just an adult education offering, a book group, or a class. Instead, it is an ongoing dialogue that engages with both scientific world and our confessional faith at the same time. As we discover more and more about our universe in the coming decades God’s people will be called on to speak. In BWAC, we have one ear to Scripture and one ear to science so that when the times comes to speak we will have something informed and faithful to say.

We have been really excited about the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope and eagerly await the first images coming this summer!

We currently gather on Zoom on Thursdays @8pm. Complete the form below if you’d like the link to join us. We are currently breaking for Lent and will return after Easter! Stayed tuned for a date and information on upcoming topics/content!

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