Minutes to the Sunday, April 30, 2023 Special Congregation Meeting


Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Tipton, IA


See attached, the Special Congregation Meeting AGENDA to read about the purpose of the meeting. Also, please refer to the April 16, 2023 signed petition calling for the Special Congregation Meeting.

President, Mike Herring, presented the agenda to the congregation and asked for a motion to accept the agenda. Janel Stephens motioned; with Charline Thumm seconding the motion. The agenda was approved.

Next, Mike Herring read a brief description outlining why a special meeting was necessary. The purpose of the meeting was to call for a vote to approve the non-budget purchase of new a new HVAC system (Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning). Mike asked Deb Cook to address the congregation to make an announcement. Deb informed the congregation the Kunde family, in order to honor Elmer and Deloris’s many years of reciprocal love and service to the church, asked that they be allowed purchase the $26,500.00 HVAC system.

Because, there is a policy in place that requires congregational approval of large gifts, President Herring quashed the original motion (see original agenda), replacing it a motion for the congregation to approve the generous Kunde Family gift. LuAnn Albaugh made the motion to approve the Kunde Family HVAC system gift to pay for the new HVAC system; with Susan Stephens seconding the motion. Motion Approved.

Meeting disbanded without a motion.




Michael A. Herring, President and today’s minute writer