All Saints Day

All Saints Day is celebrated each year on November 1. Who is a saint? To put it simply, a saint is a forgiven sinner. On All Saints Day, we remember those forgiven sinners who have lived and died, not perfectly, but trusting in Jesus Christ.

All Saints Day is a day to remember. We remember famous names, recognized by many, and we remember everyday names of people in our lives who were God’s beloved. I invite you to take time today to remember. Maybe light a candle or perhaps just take a few minutes to remember the ones you have loved who now rest with God:


I remember the great ancestors of my faith,

from Abraham and Sarah, to Peter and Mary Magdalene:

I remember the prophets and priests,

the ministers and teachers who have taught me the way of God:

I remember my grandparents and parents, aunts and uncles,

those who have gone before me in my lifetime.

I lift up the memories of children and grandchildren,

Siblings and cousins, spouses and parents

whose lives ended too soon:

I lift up the pain of pregnancy and infant loss,

Often carried silently, trusting that you hold all children in your love.

I lift up to You, O God,

the names of those I have lost in this past year from my life,

knowing that they are with Your heart forever.

Comfort me in my grief, and strengthen my faith,

That I may be reunited with them at the feast that never ends.

I lift up to you, O God,

All those who have been baptized into Jesus Christ,

Knowing that they belong to you as children of the kingdom,

and trusting that when you call us children of God, that is what we are.

Uphold us in faith, and nurture your whole church

By the power of your Holy Spirit.

I give thanks, O God,

for all who have gone on to join with You beyond this life

and for all who walk as yet by faith and not by sight.

I trust in the hope of resurrection and the promise of new life in Christ,

and know that in my grief and celebration, O God,

You are with me through it all, and I am not left alone.

I anticipate the day when every tear shall be wiped from my eyes,

And I shall gather around the throne of God with all the saints.

In the name of Christ, in whom love lives forever, I pray.


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